Concord Steam Cotton Factory
Organized: Feb. 16, 1839
Operational: April 1842
Location: Concord
President(s): Paul Barringer (1839 - );
John McDonald (1859-1879)
Founders: Paul Barringer, John T. Phifer, 
Daniel Moreau Barringer, Washington Allison and 2 others
Notes: The business started with $24,000 in capital and 600 spindles shipped from
Fishkill, NY. The mill's first mechanic William Jenks was replaced by John McDonald before operations
began. The mill produced cotton yarn and shirting. In 1859, John McDonald took over the mill's ownership
and management. 
     During the Civil War, the mill reported that it had 52 cotton looms and 2,200 spindles in November 1864.
It produced 26,000 yards of cotton goods and 9,000 pounds of cotton yarn. The mill operated throughout the
Civil War. 
     In 1879, John Milton Odell bought the mill. With 7 other backers, he built the Odell Manufacturing
Company on the same property. The Odell Company operated until 1907 when it went bankrupt. In 1908,
the mill burned. The mill is the site of today's Odell-Locke-Randolph Cotton Mill, 1 Buffalo Ave NW, Concord.

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