Textile Factory - Phoenix Factory/Phoenix Woolen factory/Phoenix Manufacturing Company
Built: Fayetteville, NC, 1838, on Cross Creek
Owners: James H. Hooper, Constant Johnson and Charles P. Mallett
Specifications: Located at Cross Creek, the firm opened with 20 looms producing wool cloth. Announced on January 1, 1839, that cloth from the factory was for sale, so operations had to start in late 1838. Converted in 1840 to cotton yarn spinning and cotton cloth production. 
Notes: James H. Hooper of Fayetteville, who started the Phoenix Factory around 1836. When it opened in late 1838, the factory reportedly made just wool yarn. 
   The Phoenix Company was incorporated on Jan. 7, 1839, by the legislature. The principals at that time were Hooper, Mallet and John S. Pearson. The company was authorized to issue 75 shares at $1,000 each.
   According to the local newspaper, the Phoenix Factory later was converted to cotton yarn operation around 1840. Hooper served as president until his death on June 26, 1841. 
   By early 1840, the Phoenix Factory contained 2,150 spindles and 60 looms, employing 80 people and using about 650 bales of cotton a year. Capital invested was estimated at $52,000.

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