Insurance North Carolina Mutual Fire Insurance Company Elizabeth City, NC (1839 not active)
The first North Carolina Mutual Fire Insurance Company was established by legislative charter on Jan. 8, 1839. The company was located in Elizabeth City and was intended to to operate in the Raleigh and Elizabeth City. There is no indication it became operational.


    The incorporators were intended to be H. N. Williams, Joshua A. Pool, John C. Ehringhaus, James Barber, George Storey, Joseph A. Pool, John J. Grandy and C. R. Kinney.
   Every member insuring $500 worth of property was to be a member of the company and a stockholder per their deposit note and paid premium. The insured members would have a percentage ownership based on the amount of the note and premium, ranging from 2 to a maximum of 10% of the company.



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