Insurance Atlantic Mutual Fire & Marine Insurance Company; Carolina City, NC (1859 - <1865)
The Atlantic Mutual Fire and Marine Insurance Company was established by legislative charter in 1859, apparently becoming operational in Spring 1859.  The legislation authorized the company at Elizabeth City, but the first advertisements listed Carolina City (near Morehead) as its location.


   The company began advertising on April 4, 1859, for insurance on "buildings, merchandise, furniture, mills, manufactories, ships and their cargo, and most kinds of property." The company was listed at Carolina City, NC.
   Applications for insurance could be made to the company's officer or to its authorized agents, but we haven't uncovered any list of agents so far.
   The Civil War and the occupation of New Bern by Union forces relatively early in the war probably prevented this insurer from transacting much business.

Officers & Board (note dates are confirmed, additional service possible)

President John A. Parrott 1859 -
Vice President Levi T. Oglesby 1859 -
Treasurer W. S. Long 1859 -
Secretary A. B. Chapin 1859 -
Attorney E. A. Thompson 1859 -
Directors David W. Bell* 1859 -
Luke Blackman
Col. Thomas J. Blakely 1859 -
A. B. Chapin 1859 -
Joel H. Davis 1859 -
George W. Dill 1859 -
W. B. Grant* 1859 -
D. A. Hargett 1859 -
David S. Jones 1859 -
Samuel Leffers 1859 -
William S. Long* 1859 -
E. Mallett 1859 -
Levi T. Oglesby 1859 -
John A. Parrott 1859 -
*Executive Committee



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