Grains (Rice, Corn, Wheat, etc.)
   Rice was primarily grown in Brunswick County. In 1860, that county produced 7.6 million pounds of rice — out of a statewide total of 8.0 million pounds. Corn, wheat and other grains were grown in a broad area of the state, especially in the Piedmont region.

   Wheat increased from 2 million bushels in 1850 to 4.7 million bushels in 1860. The corn crop was 27.5 million bushels in 1850 and 30 million bushels in 1860. Other grains widely grown were oats and rye.

Post Civil War 
   Rice production would never again exceed the 1859/1860 crop levels in North Carolina. The labor intensity and other agricultural options, as well as development of rice fields in Texas and Louisiana caused the shift.

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